Letterpress Printing

Installation Design


Reminiscence. Clouded and unclouded memories. They morph and shift as time passes as some become a mere pigment of our imagination. This piece serves as a reflection of time passing and memories being made and unmade, the ruins and remains of what we remember and how they manifest in our everyday life. The subconscious influence of memory and past experience light our present and future.

The Process

Each object was crafted from laser cut wood to create a frame structure that prints were adhered to. Each hanging structure represents a different phase of life, some more significant than others, thus their varying sizes. The text included on 4 of the pieces, while inspired by personal memory and nostalgia, is written to prompt it's viewers to reflect on their own memories, in relation to certain times, places, people and things. 

The Pattern

The base of each lantern was hand-drawn based on the motion of water as a reference to the fluidity of memories. Reminiscing and pondering memories. The reference to water serves as a direct reference to its reflectivity in nature, but also its natural state and ability to form and adapt as its environment changes. This patter was printed on Japanese Kozo paper using the technique of photolithography.


The prints were first made through photolithography and then the text was printed in letterpress.

The Presentation

The piece was installed at the Undergraduate Exhibition in Spring 2021, for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a hanging installtion that permitted viewers to engage with the space surrounding, underneath and between each piece. The text was dispersed without an intended order to be read, and allowed viewers to interpret it as they deemed fit.´╗┐

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